Monday, November 16, 2015

Shock Point by April Henry

Cassie is living with her mother and her new stepfather, a psychiatrist.  When Cassie finds information about some of her stepfather's former patients indicating that they were taking an experimental drug which caused them to commit suicide, she finds herself in danger.  Just as she's about to go to the press, Cassie is kidnapped and taken to a reform center for rebellious teens.  She finds out that her stepfather told the center that Cassie is a drug addict and that she likely won't be released until she turns 18.  But life at the center is unbearable with rotting food and physically abusive isolation.  Cassie has to find a way to escape the center and expose her stepfather for what he is before other teens die from his drug.

This is one of April Henry's earlier YA books which may be why I didn't enjoy it as much as her usual fare.  It felt grittier (which is hard to imagine since her usual fare involves lots of murder) and the ending fell into to place much too easily.