Thursday, November 5, 2015

Welcome to the Dark House by Laurie Stolarz

Ivy doesn't know why she gets the e-mail about the contest in the first place.  She is not a fan of Justin Blake nor his horror movies, not after she lived through the real life horror of escaping from the person who murdered her parents.  But something makes her write about that experience and enter the contest to go to the Dark House and have her worst nightmares come true.  She is selected along with six other teens, all of whom are Blake superfans looking forward to a scary weekend.  But their fun quickly turns deadly in ways specifically tailored to their biggest nightmares. 

I am not a fan of horror movies so you should probably know that about me before taking my evaluation of this book to heart because this book is a written horror movie.  Unlike its movie counterparts, the book didn't actually keep me awake at night but it also didn't do much for me enjoyment-wise.  However, if you love slasher films, you'll probably love this book so give it a try.