Monday, November 9, 2015

When by Victoria Laurie

Maddie never understood the numbers she saw when looking at people until her father died on the date she has always seen on him.  Now that she knows she is seeing death dates she tries to avoid others but her mother has put her to work as a psychic of sorts in order to make money.  When a woman comes in to ask for a reading on her sick youngest son, Maddie sees that her older son is actually going to die a week later.  The woman claims Maddie is a fraud but when the boy disappears a week later Maddie and her best friend Stubby become the prime suspects and have to race to prove their innocence to the disbelieving FBI.

This story is very similar in premise to Num8ers by Ward.  I had a hard time with just how vicious the police officers were to Maddie and Stubby, especially when she finally proved her ability and their complete turnaround.  Just okay, not great.