Saturday, December 12, 2015

It's a Wonderful Death by Sarah J. Schmitt

RJ dies unexpectedly and at the wrong time when a gypsy pushes her into the Grim Reaper.  RJ's not ready to die because she has a great life - popular and happy - and she figures she's owed the rest of her life since she wasn't the intended target in the first place.  Turns out, it's not that easy to return her to Earth and RJ has to sit through a tribunal to see if returning her is worth all the hassle.  The angels in charge of the decision aren't so sure RJ is worth it and she begins to agree with them when she is reminded of the mean things she did to earn her spot as queen bee at her school.  RJ is given an opportunity to turn her fate around by being put back into three situations in her life to see if she can make better decisions this time around and change her timeline. 

This is a fun book with a few deeper themes, particularly towards the end.  I read it quickly, in part because each chapter ended on a nice cliffhanger that left me feeling like I could squeeze in just one more chapter...  I enjoyed RJ and her development but I did feel like the section leading up to her return to Earth was just too long to keep the story clicking along at a good pace. 

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