Thursday, December 3, 2015

Lizard Radio by Pat Schmaltz

Kivali was abandoned as a baby wearing only a T-shirt with a lizard printed on it.  Her adoptive mother Sheila has told Kivali that she is a saurian, someone from another planet of lizards so she has never been sure of her true identity.  Is she lizard or human?  Is she a boy or a girl?  Kivali doesn't know, which makes her a bender and puts her in danger of being sent to the Blight.  In order to help her conform to society's standards Kivali is sent to CropCamp where she learns how to grow crops but also how to be a part of the group.  Kivali immediately is given the nickname Lizard and finds, to her surprise, that she enjoys the routine of camp life - working and having friends.  Her world is rocked when she hears that Sheila has disappeared, possibly vaped, and that the lying camp director wants to become Lizard's new foster mother.  Something is not right with this story nor with director Darlene's interest in her.

This is a sci fi transgendered teen story which seems like something I would love, but I didn't.  I started out intrigued by the world being built and Kivali's true nature and how torn she felt by wanting to just go with the flow and be part of something, but that intrigue faded about 2/3 of the way into the book.  Then it was just long and too much abstract things about feeling the call to be a lizard.  I was also sure she was going to vape and I'd finally know more about what, exactly, that meant, but that didn't happen either.  I just got tired of the whole thing.