Monday, December 28, 2015

Relief Map by Rosalie Knecht

Livy is spending a hot summer as she always does: hanging out in her small hometown with her best friend Nelson.  When the electricity goes out in their small town the residents are surprised to find that it was cut off purposefully by the police and FBI.  Furthermore, the access into and out of town has been closed as law enforcement searches for a wanted man from the Republic of Georgia.  The search for the man does on for days and the tensions and mistrust in the town begins to grow.  It seems that everyone has a secret to cover up including Livy and Nelson who end up involved in something that started with good intentions but ends up going wrong.  

This books seems intended to be an atmospheric piece but I didn't much enjoy the atmosphere.  Livy's involvement with the crime that is committed just frustrated me no end!  I realize that she - all of them, really - was swept up in events but she actively participated when it came down to it.  I was also expecting bigger secrets from the townsfolk based on the synopsis of the book.  Livy's parents seemed to have the biggest secret that was revealed while the other adults were just getting more frustrated with each other.  But even that seemed unrealistic to me in this day of riots, protests and marches.  Why weren't the people in this town taking more assertive action to resolve things?  I just had a hard time getting wrapped up in the events.

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