Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sunny Side Up by Jennifer L. Holms

Sunny is spending the summer of 1976 with her grandfather in Florida.  Every day he promises excitement only to then take her places like the post office or out to a very early dinner with "the girls", a group of senior citizens.  Sunny is also plagued by memories of some things her older brother did before she left home which hurt her and the rest of the family.  When she finally makes a new friend in Florida her time there becomes more interesting as the two find missing cats for the neighbors and read comic books.

 This graphic novel is very much in the tradition of Raina Telgemeier.  The basic story is funny and somewhat light but there is more happening beneath the surface as we learn more about Sunny's life at home.  This is exactly the kind of book my students love (and I enjoyed it, too!).  A great book for upper elementary and middle school.