Sunday, January 17, 2016

Acne, Asthma, and Other Signs You Might Be Half Dragon by Rena Rocford

Allyson struggles with her severe acne and asthma.  These problems along with the fact that she is always the new girl in school because her mother makes them move several times a year make her an outsider at school.  But at her latest school she has finally made a close friend, Beth.  While at the mall one day, Beth and Allyson are harassed by a group of large boys and Allyson ends up breathing fire at them.  Although it's a shock to her, Beth isn't surprised since she, herself, is a troll.  Beth reveals a whole world of mythical creatures who look like humans and Allyson learns that she is half dragon.  Her acne?  Scales.  Her asthma?  Fire.  While she is still coming to grips with this secret identity no one ever told her about, a unicorn is kidnapped and Beth is the prime suspect.  The two girls go on the run to find the missing boy and keep Beth away from the murderous unicorns.

It seems like much more could have been made of the fun parts of finding out you're a mythical creature.  The relationship between Beth and the troll crushing on her was fun but the rest of the story, while fine, wasn't as great as I expected.  And, as always, it is a set up for a sequel although I guess I can't hold that against the book since that is what teens want now.  It just got too convoluted in the resolution for me.  Good cover!

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