Monday, January 25, 2016

Beware That Girl by Teresa Toten

Kate knows how to  fit in at a new school; she's been doing that all her life.  So when she arrives at her latest private school she looks around for someone to latch onto and finds the perfect person in Olivia, the school "it" girl.  Olivia and Kate become fast friends even though it's obvious that Olivia is keeping some secrets about the previous school year and why she is repeating her senior year.  But Kate has secrets of her own dating back to early childhood.  The entire school is shaken up with the arrival of their new head of fundraising, Mark Redkin.  Mark is smooth and extremely good-looking and all the girls and women in the school are trying to get his attention.  But he is especially interested in Kate and Olivia and seems to know all their secrets.  Kate becomes more and more suspicious, especially after Olivia gets too involved with Mark.

I was expecting "Single White Female" but found something much different which messed with my head a bit as I tried to restructure what was happening in this book.  It takes a decidedly mature turn halfway (or earlier) in.  The big payoff is in the last few paragraphs of the story but I'm not sure that twist made the rest of the book worthwhile. Plus, I saw it coming given the title and comparisons to other books.  Good if you are into psychological thrillers.

I read an Advanced Reader's Copy of this book thanks to the publisher.

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