Sunday, January 17, 2016

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Kady and Ezra have just survived their break up and the destruction of their planet.  When the mining colony on which they live is attacked by the BeiTech corporation the few survivors end up on the run on only three ships.  With their manpower severely depleted Ezra is conscripted into service and becomes a pilot while Kady hones her skills as a master hacker.  The survivors are barely staying ahead of the pursuing attacker when one of the ships is destroyed with only a few people managing to get out on escape pods.  But why are those lucky few quarantined in the bay in which they land?  With her hacking, Kady slowly begins to find documents that reveal a deeper story about the attack on the ship and the illness that began with the biological attack from BeiTech.  Meanwhile, both Kady and Ezra are realizing that their break up might have been a mistake but can they reconnect from their different ships before something else goes wrong?

This is such a unique book both in story and format.  The entire story is told via documents from the ship and commanding officers, IMs between characters, and transcripts of what the Artificial Intelligence on the ship is thinking.  So much happens that I cannot write about without giving too many spoilers but there is betrayal, danger, an AI, zombies, smart characters, and more!  I felt like it started a little slow in hooking me in which worries me in terms of grabbing my teen readers, but once the Copernicus is destroyed and we learn more about that event, the action doesn't stop.  The writing is also smart and the epitome of "show, don't tell".  Highly recommended for sci fi fans.

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