Monday, January 25, 2016

Paper Hearts by Meg Wiviott

Zlatka and Fania didn't know each other before they met at Auschwitz but when both girls lose the rest of their families to the Nazis, they decide to take a chance and rely on each other.  Their stories, told in free verse, paint a picture of the atrocities they faced each day and the ways in which they managed to go on with life despite those horrors.  It also shows them keeping their humanity.  This book is based on the real friendship of a small group of girls in Auschwitz.  They took the time to make a small book for one girl on her birthday and she kept that booklet with her until she was liberated.  This is a true story of the power of friendship and knowing that someone else cares whether you live or die and how that can give you the strength to go on.  It's another Holocaust story, but one with a different turn and it will be popular with my kids.

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