Sunday, March 6, 2016

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

Maddy has what is popularly known as Bubble Boy disease.  With virtually no immune system she cannot leave her carefully controlled home environment without risking immediate death.  She spends her time reading and playing Scrabble with her doctor mother and talking with her nurse, Carla.  She hasn't left her home in 17 years.  One day she observes a new family moving in next door and notices they have a teenage son.  When the new neighbors come over to introduce themselves with a bundt cake, Maddy's mom rudely sends them away.  That's when Maddy and Olly begin communicating, first with notes in the window, then online, then, finally, in person after Olly has been thoroughly decontaminated before entering the house.  When Maddy's mom finds out about their relationship she bans Olly from Maddy's life but now that Maddy has had a taste of a real life, she wants more, no matter what consequences it might bring.

This is a nice, angsty teen romance and will likely be received with open arms by my teens.  I enjoyed the story just fine but wasn't blown away by it as others have been.  I assume that's partly because I guessed the big twist well in advance of its actual reveal, but it was still a pretty good twist and I was happy with it.  Yoon also did a nice job covering up the twist which made me feel like I was probably wrong in my guess so that was fun. 

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