Friday, March 18, 2016

The Girl I Used to Be by April Henry

Olivia has grown up with the knowledge that her father murdered her mother when she was a toddler and then disappeared.  Now 17, Olivia is emancipated and free of the foster system when she is visited by two police officers.  They tell her that her father's remains have just been found and it now obvious that he was murdered at the same time as her mother and is no longer a suspect.  Olivia's whole world is upended.  She returns to her hometown to attend her father's long-delayed funeral and finds herself investigating her parents' deaths which, of course, puts her squarely in the sites of the killer.

This is a typical April Henry book which is to say it is not the greatest book ever but it IS entertaining, quick, has a good female protagonist, keeps your guessing, and leaves you satisfied at the end.  It will be wildly popular and is already being requested by my students even though it's not out yet.

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