Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Christopher lives on Perses, a planet that is being mined to help Earth.  Perses is just about to go into a three month blackout as they travel onto the opposite side of the sun from the Earth.  Right after the two planets lose contact, Perses is attacked and most of the adults on the mining planet are killed but Christopher's dad shoves him to safety in the mines in the nick of time with a promise of a beacon that will help him contact Earth.  Deep underground he finds a few others and together they find ways to survive until they can signal for help.  But their attackers are still on the surface and some of the survivors believe they should be more proactive rather than just waiting for a rescue.

I was super-psyched about this book as I started it.  The world building was good and not too complex for a sci fi story and I really liked the premise.  I was even able to overcome my aversion to stories that take place in tunnels.  I can't really complain about the story line which was still good throughout and the ending had a good cliffhanger but I felt like the writing got too simplistic as the book went on.  I wanted a bit more meat to really capture my attention.

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