Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas

Tessa is returning to her hometown to see her dying father who is in prison.  Being back in Fayette brings up old memories, including her role in helping capture a serial killer.  At age 8, Tessa and her friend Callie testified against a man they believed killed Callie's cousin.  But nine years later Tessa isn't sure they got the right person, especially since neither of the girls actually saw the man on the night Callie's cousin disappeared.  Tessa also questions the role her mother and older sister might've played in the death and wonders what they could tell her if she could locate either one of them.   When another girl is murdered in the exact same style of the Ohio River Monster the two girls can't ignore their doubts any longer and have to begin looking into what happened in the past and who is a threat now.

I never got invested in this story despite the obvious looming danger.  I know that part of the problem, at least at the beginning, was trying to sort out the characters and how they were related.  With Tessa staying at Callie's house I felt like there was some connection there and couldn't work out how Lori, Jos, and Maggie fit into everything.  I finally got all that situated but still had to take a moment to remember who was who throughout the book when a character was mentioned.  In addition to my character issues, I wasn't that interested in the storyline either until pretty close to the end of the book.  At that point the revelations came fast and were explosive but that excitement didn't make up for the slogging through I had to do earlier.

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