Saturday, May 28, 2016

Code of Honor by Alan Gratz

Kamran is living the life most teens dream of.  He's a football star dating a beautiful, popular girl and his future is is set for him to enter West Point and follow in the footsteps of the big brother he adores.  But Kamran's whole world collapses when his brother, Darius, appears in some terrorist videos and seems to be responsible for an attack.  Kamran's family falls under suspicion and is taken into custody by Homeland Security but despite the overwhelming evidence, Kamran can't believe Darius would ever turn against his country.  With the support of one agent, Kamran begins analyzing the videos and notices that Darius is including clues in code that only Kamran would understand.  What's more, he is warning of an upcoming attack on U.S. soil.  It's up to Kamran to stop the attack when no one believes him.

This is a fast-paced action story rooted in current events and stories of radicalization.  How can people who have been patriotic Americans be turned into an enemy of our country?  And what are their families to believe?  Although this is primarily an action book, there are deeper issues at stake and even Kamran doesn't trust his brother 100 percent all the time.  To me, it's his legitimate doubt that adds depth to the story and kept me fascinated all the way through.  The only part that lost me a little bit was when we found out the identity of the head terrorist.  That one thing felt more like a suspension of disbelief than the rest of the book which just had me hooked.

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