Saturday, May 21, 2016

Genius: The Game by Leopold Gout

Rex, Tunde and Painted Wolf are close friends but they've only met in cyberspace.  The three are gifted in electronics.  Rex is a great programmer and hacker; Tunde lives in Nigeria and his inventions have greatly improved the lives of people in his small village; and Painted Wolf is a Chinese activist who gets around national firewalls and exposes corruption.  The three together are know as the LODGE online.  When a tech billionaire starts inviting gifted kids and teens from all over the world to participate in a competition he has created, the members of LODGE finally get to meet in person.  In addition to winning the game, the three friends each have their own problems.  Tunde is being forced to create a dangerous weapon for a warlord who holds his family's lives in his hands.  Rex has written a program that will help locate his brother who mysterious disappeared several years before.  And Painted Wolf needs to see why her father was meeting with a corrupt official.  They have to work together to win the competition and complete their personal quests.

I liked the book well enough while I was reading it but now, a week or so later, my feeling is "eh."  It's sort of like a summer blockbuster movie - entertaining and what you want while you're watching (reading) it, but it doesn't stick with you for long afterwards.  Plus, it ends with a lead-in to a sequel and you know how I feel about that.  Why is everything a series?!  At any rate, it is a good story for those who like tech stories (although some of the programming discussion was over my head) and it moves along quickly so it's a fine action book, too.

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