Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Biggest Poutine in the World by Andree Poulin

Thomas' mother left when he was only five and he only contact he has had with her since then is an impersonal note that arrives on his birthday each year.  His father is nearly as distant despite living in the same house. One of Thomas' last memories of his mom is of her making poutine - a Canadian dish of fries, cheese curds and gravy.  In an attempt to get attention from his father and become famous enough to make his mother come back, Thomas decides to set a Guinness record by making the biggest poutine in the world.  He enlists the help of his best friend and a girl he doesn't know well at all but who becomes a strong ally.  The three begin working through all the obstacles on their way to the world record and Thomas works to find out where his mom has been all these years.

This is a short book with very short chapters but it still manages to address some deep topics.  It starts out funny as Thomas works to procure hundreds of pounds of french fries and cheese curds as well as a place big enough to set up such a huge dish.  But slowly the author brings in more about Thomas' distant father and what has really happened to his mother which is a sad story that leaves Thomas with very real hurt and anger. 

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