Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever by Jeff Strand

Justin and his friends have made several movies for YouTube but are forced to acknowledge that they weren't all that great.  Determined to do better they decide to make The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever.  The only problem with that plan is that they lack a script, money, a place to film, and great equipment.  They do, however, have the beautiful Alicia as their leading lady and an impossibly short window of time to complete the film so there's no backing out now.

Predictably, things do not go smoothly for Justin and his friends which is what makes for the comedy in this book.  I found it mildly entertaining but the obstacles became predictable and the droll responses to them felt staged in some way.  I think that the feeling that this was not fresh probably comes from the fact that I'm an adult and have read/seen a number of things with similar plots.  That probably won't be as much of an issue for teen readers.

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