Friday, May 27, 2016

The Skeleton Tree by Iain Lawrence

Chris is excited to meet his uncle in Alaska for a sailing adventure.  But the actual trip is far from how he imagined it.  He arrives late and finds that they will be sailing with a surly boy named Frank.  Chris almost immediately becomes violently seasick and when he wakes up a couple of days later the ship is sinking and his uncle dies in the wreck.  Chris and Frank are alone.  They arrive on a deserted island with no radio, food or flares.  The two of them need to find some way to work together just to survive but they do have one ally in the form of an intelligent raven.

I very nearly hated this book but have decided that I just strongly disliked it.  There is nothing to like about Frank who is mean to Chris and to the raven.  Even when the reason for his hostility is revealed, he didn't change much at all and I saw no growth in him.  Chris matures slightly thanks to their ordeal but neither of these two characters grabbed me.  The one character I DID care about is the raven but he is treated so badly by the boys that I couldn't get over my worries about him

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