Friday, May 27, 2016

Transferral by Kate Blair

When Talia wakes up with a cold on the day she's supposed to be on the campaign trail with her father, it's no problem.  She just goes to the hospital and has her cold transferred to a criminal.  When people are found guilty of crimes they are sentenced to specific illnesses as punishment.  If your crime was not so bad you might be sentenced to a cold or the flu but more serious crimes could get you a deadly disease.  Talia has always been in support of this system, just like her father.  On this day at the hospital a man wielding a butcher's knife threatens a young girl and Talia knocks him out with a chair.  She's happy to have helped and glad when he receives a serious disease as punishment.  But she soon learns that his situation is not what she expected and that things she had always taken for granted are not what they seem.

This is a fun sci fi/dystopia with a unique premise.  I like that Blair makes you buy into the system at first.  Since we're viewing it through Talia's eyes it seems fair and just to punish people with diseases.  After all, if you don't commit crimes, you won't get those diseases, right?  Of course as a savvy reader, I suspected it wasn't that good in reality and sure enough, I was right.  I appreciate the way the author is sneakily taking on modern day issues that seem black and white but really have layers not everyone wants you to see.   I found the final few chapters too long and it seemed to me that there could've been a less dramatic solution to Talia's problems, but well done overall and very quick for this genre. 

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