Monday, January 30, 2017

100 Days by Nicole McInnes

Moira, Agnes and Boone are three misfits who used to be good friends until an event in sixth grade drove a wedge between the girls and Boone.  Now, as sophomores, they are back in the same school after Boone's alternative school was closed.  Boone is struggling to keep his cool with people at school while taking care of everything at home.  Ever since his father died in a terrible accident, Boone's mother has withdrawn from the world leaving Boone alone to keep them afloat. 

Agnes is about to turn 16 making her one of the oldest people ever with Progeria, a disease that makes people age ten times faster than normal.  Her disease makes her fragile so she relies on her best friend Moira to protect her in crowded hallways.  Moira, meanwhile, is self-conscious about her weight and appearance after years of being picked on by classsmates. When the three meet up after years apart, they help each other with issues they didn't even know they had but not without a good deal of misunderstanding along the way. 

This story reminded me of Wonder a lot in terms of the writing style and the warm fuzzies involved.  I liked all three characters and their arcs and the way they grew to support each other.  As a woman who is not small myself, I can particularly speak to Moira's growing acceptance of herself which is realistic and full of strength. Boone's appreciation of her is also lovely without being a token story throwing the overweight girl a bone, something that is very unusual in all forms of media.  Even though I am spending a good deal of time on Moira, Boone's story also touched me as I saw him barely hanging in there on the inside while looking together on the outside.  How many of us have been in that situation, although I hope in not quite so desperate circumstances?  Well-developed characters make this a sweet book.

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