Friday, January 27, 2017

Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies by Lindsay Ribar

The members of the Quick family have the ability to steal things from other people - things such as their feelings and memories.  Aspen has never thought twice about his magical talent nor how it might be affecting the people from whom he steals, not even after his mother left his father at least in part because of his father's stealing.  While spending his summer with his aunt and grandmother, Aspen has brought along his two best friends to keep him company.  Theo and Brandy have been dating which has Aspen jealous since he has been crushing on Brandy for a long time.  In order to help move things along, Aspen steals Brandy's love for Theo causing them to break up and giving Brandy a chance to realize she likes Aspen.  

While he's in town Aspen is also responsible for helping with a family ritual.  The town is in the shadow of a huge, unstable cliff.  Aspen's grandmother has a connection to the cliff, sensing when it needs some repair.  People of the town leave personal items at the base of a big tree and the family uses those items to reach into the owner and steal something that will help heal faults in the cliff.  After one of these rituals Aspen meets one of the donors in person and realizes that she still has the trait he stole from her and seems to be immune to his powers.  This leads to a series of questions about Aspen's family, their powers and the Cliff.

I expected this book to be lighter than it ended up being by the end.  I'm still rearranging it in my brain to see what I think about it now that I feel it was actually quite serious at the end.  With my new mindset I appreciate all of the unanswered questions - what has happened to Brandy and Theo?  What will be the future of their relationship?  Why is Leah not speaking to him?  How will Aspen handle his powers from here on out?  Soooo many more questions that won't make any sense until you read the book.  My main issue is that I feel the book might be a little mislabeled from the reviews I read.  But if you, like me, like something that keeps you pondering it after you've closed the cover, you might enjoy this one. 

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