Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Secret Identity Crisis by Jake Bell

Nate loves comic books and superheroes.  He has even won a competition at the local comic book store because he knows so much about them so he's very excited when his town finally has its own superhero arrive.  No one knows much about Ultraviolet except that she's fast, strong and can fly but Nate is determined to find out more.  He receives an added incentive when his science teacher offers him extra credit to find out everything possible about Ultraviolet, including her secret identity.  Before long Nate has a guess about who she might be in real life but it seems impossible since his guess is his super-strict history teacher.

This is a fun book that follows a pretty typical superhero arc.  The villain is pretty easy to figure out but I still enjoyed him as a character as well as his motivation for becoming Ultraviolet's nemesis.  My favorite part of the book, however, is the way all the other superheroes are just thrown into the narrative as if we just know about them.  I found myself marveling at how clever Bell is in imagining heroes and their powers.  And I wish that I knew more about lots of them.  Since this is a series, it's possible that will be happening.

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