Monday, March 6, 2017

Garvey's Choice by Nikki Grimes

Garvey likes to read and watch sci fi shows but his father is pressuring Garvey to be an athlete.  Garvey's best friend is helpful at school where he gets teased by bullies for being overweight but then his friend gets a new lunch shift and Garvey is all alone.  He takes a risk and tries out for the chorus where he quickly becomes a soloist and begins to find his voice in other ways, partly thanks to a new friend.  

This quick book is written in verse but still manages to convey a lot of emotion and story.  My complaint about it is the same as my complaint about any book with an overweight character: Garvey binges when he is sad.  At the end of the book where he is riding high, he starts running and seems to be on the path to losing weight.  If I put that one issue aside, however, I liked the rest of the story and Garvey's growth from isolated and quiet to being self-assured.

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