Saturday, April 1, 2017

Gemini by Sonya Mukherjee

Clara and Hailey have lived in a small town all of their lives by design. Their parents picked this town because they knew the girls would be able to be accepted by the townspeople and have as normal a life as possible.  Clara and Hailey are conjoined twins, connected at their lower back with their intestines intertwined making separation extremely risky.  Now 17, the girls are a part of the community with most people not paying much attention to them but they each want separate things.  Clara is worried about attracting attention and would like to stay close to home.  Hailey is not concerned about stares and would like to travel the world, starting with attending a great art school somewhere out of their little town.  New, cute boy Max helps to shake up Clara's plans for the future even more making her consider taking a step that could change everything.  

It is obviously fascinating to imagine living life with another person attached to you all the time, especially as both girls find themselves interested in dating for the first time, but the actual storyline left me feeling mostly "Eh".  I liked the girls' solution to their mother's overprotectiveness at the end of the book, but a great deal of the time I found myself wondering when we were going to get to the meat of the story. 

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