Saturday, April 8, 2017

Messenger by Carol Lynch Williams

On her 15th birthday Evie's aunt whisks her away early in the morning to find out what her gift is. The Messenger women all have a special gift.  Evie's beloved Aunt Odie has a way with food and has made a lot of money selling mixes that taste like something homemade.  When Odie and Evie consult with the man who is supposed to be able to see Evie's gift, he ends their session abruptly and doesn't give any further information.  When Odie questions him, he clearly reveals something to her but she doesn't share this information with Evie and she doesn't think much more of it after her surprise party that night.  But despite the distraction of the cute boy across the street, Evie finds she can't get away from the Messenger legacy when she finally discovers what sets her apart from her peers.

The writing - oh, the writing.  It's obviously meant to be artsy but I prefer my books to have details and descriptions.  It's also annoying when people know some secret but refuse to disclose it to the  person most affected by that information.  It was clear what Evie's gift was to everyone but her so why not tell her?  And when she finally confronts Odie and they go back to see the dude who was supposed to tell her in the first place, he just says what she already knows so what's supposed to be the point of that?  Just blech all around including the somewhat creepy insta-love interest who apparently fell in deep love with someone at the age of 12.  I loved The Chosen One so much but I am ready to give up on Carol Lynch Williams.

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