Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Dog, Ray by Linda Coggin

After she dies in a collision with a horse, Daisy is reincarnated as a dog.  Her confusion about returning to Earth leads to her having all the memories of her life as a human and she sets about trying to reunite with her parents.  While searching she ends up bonding with homeless boy Pip who is on a search for his father and some stability in his own life.  

A quick description but a sweet book.  As someone who spends probably too much time imagining what my animals are thinking and feeling, it feels like Coggin nails Daisy's transition from girl to dog.  At first she is completely caught up in her previous life but bit by bit she thinks and acts like a dog.  The story could easily swerve into something maudlin or manipulatively emotional but it stays just touching and happy enough without crossing that line.

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