Thursday, May 25, 2017

27 Magic Words by Sharelle Byars Moranville

Kobi always knew her father was a magician because he could do tricks and had a rabbit.  But her author mother told her about the magic of words and gave her 27 of the most magical ones on post-it notes before both her parents left for a trip from which they never returned.  Now Kobi and her sister Brook live with their Grandmamma in Paris but will be spending several months in Iowa with an uncle they have never met while Grandmamma honeymoons with her new husband.  Unsure how to fit in, Kobi relies on her magic words to avoid trouble and to see her parents whenever she wants until they return home.  But Kobi's stories might be catching up with her in her new home.

I very nearly put this book down after the first couple of chapters because it was odd but then it began to even out into a more normal story.  Kobi is a little younger than I usually like my characters but she became more self-assured as the story progressed.  I liked all of the adults in the book which is unusual since they are generally set up to be the bad guys.  The loving relationships and the girls' growth made this an enjoyable, if not entirely gripping, story.  The cover is doing it no favors in terms of attracting readers.

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