Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess

Henrietta now teaches at the orphanage where she was raised along with her close friend Rook.  Despite poor treatment from the headmaster, Henrietta has been keeping her head down so that no one will notice that she is able to set things on fire, including herself.  Magical abilities are the quickest path to jail or death after a spell gone wrong opened a portal that allowed several Ancients - very evil creatures - to enter our world.  While magicians are considered dangerous, sorcerers are considered saviors.  When the powerful sorcerer Agrippa visits Henrietta's school, he discovers her power and takes her away to London to train as the first female sorcerer in ages who is prophesied to be The Chosen One. Henrietta only agrees to go if Rook can come along with her and soon she is thrust into a world entirely different from her upbringing.  But her magical powers don't seem to work the way the other young sorcerers' do which leads to a scary discovery.

I read this book months ago and gave it four stars but did not write a review of it at that time.  Recently, someone nominated it for a reading program and when I picked it up to read it, I thought "This book seems familiar" before I remembered I'd read it before.  So the fact that I'd forgotten I read it makes me question my initial rating...  But in reviewing the events of the book I do remember that I liked the world created here with the elemental Ancients and the Pride and Prejudice-esque sorcerers.  There are no unseen twists in the story in terms of Henrietta's powers, Rook's path, the male sorcerer students, or the Ancients, but the book is a fun ride anyway.

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