Saturday, August 12, 2017

Exo by Fonda Lee

Donovan is on a routine patrol with his partner when they get a tip about a group of underground activists who are opposed to the ruling aliens on Earth.  When they go to investigate, Donovan is shot and captured by the Sapience rebels who hope to use him as a bargaining chip for their demands.  Donovan is not only a soldier with an exocel - a body that is fused with alien technology that helps him defend himself and heal quickly - he is also the son of the Prime Liaison.  Donovan has close relationships with the aliens in charge and sees no problems with their rule but he is drawn to one of the young rebels.  His core beliefs are shaken even more when he finds out that his long lost mother is one of the leaders of Sapience. 

This is a book I should've loved what with the sci fi and cyborgs but I found myself rolling my eyes and wondering what was happening more often than not.  In particular, I am still not clear on what the word "Erze" means.  It appears to refer to a group of people who are bonded but also to a type of training but also seems to take the place of "God" in some of the dialogue.  I just wasn't invested in Donovan nor in the rebel group.  The one concept that did intrigue me was the idea of a totally different alien force coming and taking over Earth if this group abandoned it.  Something new to think about...

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