Saturday, August 26, 2017

Little Monsters by Kara Thomas

Kacey has only lived in Broken Falls a few months after leaving her unstable mother to join her father's family.  She has made two close friends, Bailey and Jade, and is very close with her stepbrother Andrew and half sister Lauren but she worries about having to leave her new family or being rejected by her friends.  So when Bailey and Jade show up at her house and ask her to sneak out to take part in a seance, Kacey goes along rather than dealing with their anger.  The night after the seance Kacey's friends attend a party without her and Bailey goes missing during the night.  As one of Bailey's best friends, the police have a lot of questions for Kacey and it soon becomes clear they are doubtful about some of her answers.  But if Kacey is not responsible, who is?  And can she trust anyone close to her?

The answer is "no" in this psychological thriller that keeps you guessing for a good chunk of the book.  I had a glimmer of a guess pretty close to when the killer was revealed by the author, and I knew there was something going on with this character, but I didn't have it all worked out by any means.  Thomas slowly leads you through the mystery planting doubts about every character along the way, including Kacey herself.  Her perfect, close-knit family is slowly revealed to have more than its share of cracks in their facade and I didn't know what to believe about anyone.  In that regard, I enjoyed the book since I usually find myself guessing the twist fairly early on.  But I'm not sure that I enjoyed the book overall because the situation at the end left issues for everyone, forever, and I'm still obsessed with how their lives will now be shadowed by the events of the story.  So if you like those dark, not fully resolved endings for characters who have secret problems, this is the book for you.  As for me, I'm still thinking about it so that's usually a good sign.

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