Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Restart by Gordon Korman

Chase has just woken up from a coma after falling off the roof of his house.  He remembers a lot of things but not the important ones like who his parents are, what his name is, and who he was before the accident.  But even though he can't remember his previous life, other people can.  His dad is obsessed with Chase resuming his place as a football star.  A girl he doesn't even know dumps frozen yogurt on him.  His best friends can't wait to include him in their "jokes" on the other students.  And lots of people at school seem to be nervous whenever he's around.  It seems that Chase has a decision to make:  resume his old life or start fresh?

I wasn't expecting much from this because Korman is not generally too deep and the reviews put this book more at the upper elementary level rather than middle school but I enjoyed it much more than anticipated.  I've seen the story before but this was handled well with a good look through Chase's eyes while prompting the reader to question who you would be if you didn't know who you already were.  Chase's growth into a decent person was believable as were the reactions of his former friends and enemies.  The only big problem I had with the whole story was his dad at the end.  After a whole book of macho posturing and an obvious willingness to bend the rules at any cost, his heartfelt speech was more literary device than sincere.

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