Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Want by Cindy Pon

Zhou and his close friends are Meis - people who are too poor to purchase the special suits that protect people from the pollution and sicknesses that are killing the citizens of Taipei.  Zhou's own mother was one of the victims of the rampant diseases and he is determined to change things starting with taking down Jin Corp and its corrupt owner.  The first step is to infiltrate the Yous, the wealthy citizens of Taipei, and get close to Jin's daughter.  When Zhou meets her, he is shocked to find out that he has a prior connection to her and that his feelings for her are going to make it difficult to use her to achieve his mission.

This is a unique world that is not very far removed from our current life.  There are just enough sci fi elements to make this world intriguing without being so many that I found myself trying to figure out what was happening. I loved all the characters - good guys and the nasty bad guy - and even my hardened heart was not turned off by the romance because it seemed natural rather than just added so there would be a romance.  Even the romance between two secondary characters was natural and carefully depicted as wonderfully loving. 

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