Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Truthers by Geoffrey Girard

First of all - this is not the official cover of the book.  It is a dog reading a book with the official cover and I loved it so I decided to use that picture rather than just the cover.

Katie knows how to fend for herself since her dad spends most of his time high or investigating conspiracy theories.  But even that chaotic life is disrupted when he ends up in a mental institution, so medicated he is almost unable to communicate at all.  When Katie visits him he does something shocking to make himself more lucid for just a few minutes.  In his babbling he tells Katie that he was in Pennsylvania on September 11 and saw people being unloaded from planes.  He also claims that a woman handed Katie to him and that she is not his biological daughter.  Instead, she might be the smoking gun that proves the existence of a huge government cover-up.  In order to have her father released from the hospital Katie needs to prove that his beliefs are not crazy and in order to do that, she needs to investigate what really happened on 9/11 for herself.

Fairly early in the book Katie confesses that the events of 9/11 are basically the same as any other ancient history to her since she was a baby when it happened.  I, however, remember it well and am still devastated by the attacks so I went into this book with caution and curiosity as to how Girard would handle things.  I am not a truther so I was dismayed with the overwhelmingly persuasive arguments presented that seemed aimed at convincing the reader of a cover up.  Despite my feelings, I was willing to go along with the story in that direction so then I was dismayed again with the ending that seemed to completely negate all the previous conspiracy build up.  It felt like a sell out to me or an attempt to appease both sides of the truther spectrum.

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