Friday, October 27, 2017

Lucky in Love by Kasie West

Maddie's not having the best 18th birthday ever.  While at the convenience store the night she gives in to a suggestion from the clerk and buys a lottery ticket and to her surprise, she wins!  Now a millionaire, she is looking forward to how money will change her life:  her parents will be able to stop fighting, her brother will get out of debt and go back to school, and she can go to college wherever she wants.  But as people find out about her new found wealth Maddie finds they all want something from her and she's not sure who to trust.  Luckily, her crush at work doesn't seem to have a clue about the lottery win and Maddie wants to keep it that way.

This book is mostly just fun and light but there are some darker elements that didn't seem to fit as well to me.  For instance, I'm still worried about her brother who has made some bad decisions with his money and now what will he do?  I know a book has to have some conflict and it wouldn't be much of a story if all her problems were actually solved by winning the money, but I guess I wanted her issues to be easily resolved and cotton candy-ish.  Still, if I'm looking for a break from some grim dystopian reading, I would absolutely turn to Kasie West.

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