Friday, October 27, 2017

Something in Between by Melissa de la Cruz

Jasmine is a cheerleader and is at the top of her class thanks to all her hard work.  When she receives notice that she is one of the few high school seniors being recognized for her achievements she knows that she will have her choice of college scholarships.  But when she gets ready to apply, her parents reveal the shocking news that they never renewed their visas and now the entire family is in the United States illegally.  Jasmine will not be able to apply to any college and is possibly now facing deportation.  Determined to move on with her life, Jasmine joins the group going to Washington, D.C. to be recognized and while there, she runs into boy from back home who is the son of a congressman.  With a developing romance, Jasmine now has even more to fight for rather than going to live in the Philippines, a country where she has never lived.

The subject matter is definitely timely and is in some way based on the life of the author so I appreciate the book in those ways.  However, the length and the execution turned me off.  A story can't be all about being deported, but I felt like the main focus of the book was lost to the romance.  It was a bait and switch, promising me a book about the unfairness of immigration laws for some of our citizens but instead giving me a lackluster romance.  The couple was so quick to assume bad things about each other's motives that it felt the only connection they had was physical chemistry. On another note, how is it that Jasmine's parents didn't bother to tell her about their status a hundred times before this?  If she had no plans to go to college then maybe they could've kept this a secret but she has made it very clear that she expects big things out of her life.  I feel like the promising, relevant story got bogged down with too many side issues and way too many words.

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