Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Ark Plan (Edge of Extinction #1) by Laura Martin

Sky has lived in an underground compound all her life.  It hasn't been safe to live on the surface ever since dinosaurs were cloned and took over the world.  Despite the danger, Sky sneaks out of the compound on occasion to see if she can find any clues about her father who disappeared five years ago.  After all this time, Sky's best friend Shawn discovers a message in the one possession Sky's father left her.  The clue indicates he might be alive but the only way to know for sure is to leave the safety of the compound and venture onto the surface.

This is a great, fun middle grades adventure that also points out that humans can't control everything when they are fiddling around with science.  The dinosaurs are very, very bad which makes them super fun!  Sky is a good, strong heroine but it's a nice change of pace from other books that she doesn't just know everything.  In fact, she would be quickly dispatched by any number of dinos if not for a new ally who has more knowledge of the Earth's surface than she.  I've put the book on a sixth grade reading list and my students are eating it up!

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