Sunday, November 5, 2017

Tentacle and Wing by Sarah Porter

Ada learned at a young age that she does not see the world as humans do.  Ada is a kime - a Chimera born with a combination of human and animal DNA.  Most kimes are easy to spot as they have things such as wings, fur, tentacles, or other animal attributes.  But Ada looks 100% human on the outside. The only ability she has is to see things that are invisible to humans and infrared vision.  Her father knows about her abilities but has been helping her keep them covered up because kimes are taken to a prison-like place in order to keep them separated from the rest of society.  But a surprise test reveals Ada's true nature and she is taken to the facility.  Once there, she realizes that the other kimes are more like her than she thought and that someone on the island is working to change the public's perception of them, no matter the cost.

I was wrapped up in the book at the beginning with the hidden talents and the secret DNA test which rips Ada from her family, but not too much further in I began to have issues.  The book is solidly meant for middle grades so I didn't expect great depth, but I felt like some important information was skipped over in the storytelling.  For instance, I don't think it was established why, almost immediately, Ms. Stuart was so set against Ada and seemed to intend her harm.  Nor was Gabriel's animosity fully explained.  It all just came across to me as disjointed and I didn't care enough about anyone to get invested in the story.  Finally, the ending was wrapped up too easily.  Oh, sure, there was a big showdown but the reversal of the bad guys' feelings was too swift as well as Ada's decision to either stay on the island or go.

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