Monday, April 16, 2018

Slider by Pete Hautman

David is fascinated with the world of competitive eating and his hero is Jooky Garafalo.   When he sees a hot dog made famous by Jooky on an online auction site, he steals his mom's credit card to bid $20 for the hot dog.  Unfortunately, he wasn't paying attention and ends up winning the auction with a bid of $2000.  Now he needs to find a way to raise a lot of money, fast, so it's a blessing when his favorite pizza place announces they'll be having a speed eating contest with a grand prize of $5000.  David goes into training to stretch his stomach and work on his pizza-guzzling technique but he also has to deal with his autistic brother Mal, his perfect sister Bridgette, and his two best friends who seem to be developing feelings for each other.

This is a fine book with some things happening but it's quite lackluster.  The descriptions of David's eating made me somewhat nauseated and I quibble with the descriptions of him being hungry associated with his speed-eating.  I think those are two different things.  Mal is a good character but I didn't care much about anyone else.  This will have some fans, but there's not much here to excite my teens.

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