Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A Dash of Trouble (Love, Sugar, Magic Series) by Anna Meriano

Leonora - Leo - is excited about Halloween but she gets mad about being left out when all her older sisters get to skip school for the day to help out at the family bakery in order to prepare for the Dia de los Muertos festival the next day.  Leo feels like she's old enough to help out as well so she sneaks out of school to see what's happening at the bakery.  When she gets there, she is stunned to see her mother and sisters performing a spell.  At the festival the next day she spies on her older sisters channeling the spirits of the dead and now she knows that she is part of a family of brujas.  Anxious to see if she can perform magic as well, Leo steals a family spell book. When her friend has a problem, Leo tries to solve it with magic but things don't go quite as she expected.

This is such a cute, if predictable, book.  I love the magic flowing throughout Leo's family and how everyone has her own particular brand of it based on birth order.  I felt a bit tense when Leo was attempting magic without any training because of course it was going to go wrong, but I was also unhappy at the thought that she was going to have to wait four years before being officially initiated.  Obviously, I was fairly wrapped up in the story if I was feeling the disappointment and stress of being Leo.  And the longing to have some magical abilities of my own.   Just as sweet as all the treats Leo's family bakes!

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