Sunday, May 27, 2018

Damselfly by Chandra Prasad

On their way to a competition the plane carrying all the members of a high school fencing team crashes on an island.  Samantha survives the crash and finds that several of her teammates did as well, including her best friend Mel and the most popular girl in school.  At first the teens are just trying to make it until they are rescued. But as days pass it becomes clear that any rescue could be a long ways off so they need to learn to survive indefinitely.  Even with all the dangers of their new home hanging over them, old cliques surface and threaten their society.  The group is also being menaced by an unknown island resident who wants the teens gone.

For a book with survival, a threatening island-savvy stranger, high school mean girls, someone slowly losing their mind, increasing violence, and racism, this book didn't do much for me.  Samantha was so wishy-washy that I never bonded with her nor understood why Mel would choose her as a best friend when Mel was such an interesting person.  I know we're supposed to think poorly of the popular girl and her minions but honestly, Samantha was one of them.  I just couldn't get wrapped up in the story, not even the horror "here's what people are really like on a base level" aspect.

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