Monday, May 21, 2018

How you Ruined my Life by Jeff Strand

When Rod finds out his rich cousin Blake is coming to live with them for three months he isn't thrilled but he doesn't expect it ruin his life either.  When Blake shows up he refuses to do any work for himself, takes over Rod's room, and uses mindgames that leave Rod not sure what's happening.  Worse, Blake is a perfectly nice boy to everyone else so it looks like Rod is the one causing problems.  Before long Blake is causing Rod to have problems at school, with his girlfriend and with his band.

This book is a comedy.  I feel like I should point that out because when you read my summary it could easily be the description of "Single White Female".  I was chuckling about Blake's "pranks" and Rod's funny narration at first but by halfway through I was weary of both.  There's no explanation for what Blake is up to until the end of the book and even that is unsatisfying.  As is the tidy wrap up between the two boys after all the gaslighting Rod has been through.  Messing with someone is a funny premise but at some point it is no longer funny and has just turned into psychological torture.  Still, I was willing to hang in there because I assumed there would be a big payday where Rod is vindicated.  Given all the mayhem Blake created - he really DID ruin Rod's life - the resolution is not enough.

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