Thursday, May 31, 2018

Life on Surtsey: Iceland's Upstart Island by Loree Griffin Burns

I <3 Iceland SO MUCH so of course I had to read this book as soon as it arrived in my library!  And I usually love nonfiction because there is so much to learn about the world so, bonus.  This book did not disappoint on either count.  I was fascinated to learn about how life begins to form on a big ole rock in the ocean.  How do plants grow?  Where do insects come from?  Well, not all of that was explained in exact detail but the details that are included are great and left me with a brain full of further questions to ponder.  The explanation of how entomologist Erling studies Surtsey's insects is clear and captivating.  And I love the slight diversions into Icelandic names and some customs which made the book more cozy and not all hardcore science.  My only issue is that now I want to know about the birds and plants on Surtsey and how those have been growing in the past 50 years so I need at least one sequel.

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