Monday, May 7, 2018

The Last (Endling #1) by Katherine Applegate

Byx is a young dairne - a creature that resembles a dog and one of the ruling species in the world.  When she wanders away from her pack for just a minute she finds herself being hunted by poachers and helping to rescue a wobbyx.  Although she is only away for a short time, it is long enough for her entire pack to be massacred by a band of soldiers.  Now it appears that Byx is an endling, the last of her species.  But Byx's pack was actually in the process of migrating north to a place where rumor has it there is another dairne pack so is it possible she might not be alone?  With the help of a human girl, the wobbyx, and a panther-esque felivet, Byx sets off on a quest, pursued by several bloodthirsty enemies.

Most of Applegate's books leave me feeling warm and fuzzy, often in tears, so it was with great excitement that I pushed everything else on my "to read" list aside on the day this arrived at the house.  But here we are way too many days later (a bad sign right off the bat) and I'm neither warm nor fuzzy.  The Last just didn't grab me at all. About halfway through I pictured my review being "eh."  By the end of the book I just wanted to be done with it.  I have little patience for books where much of the "action" is the heroes running away from a villain and every time they stop to rest, they have to go again.  Obviously, other things happen along the way, but not enough to keep me very interested.  I think, however, it might sell very well to my die hard Warriors fans.

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