Sunday, June 24, 2018

Piper by Jay Asher and Jessica Freeburg

Maggie lives in the small town of Hameln where she is ostracized because she is deaf.  She observes things in town and embellishes what she sees, turning them into fanciful stories.  Hameln is plagued by rats who are destroying everything as well as making people sick.  When a new man comes into town promising he will get rid of all the rats once and for all, the town elders agree to his terms for payment.  As the Piper spends more time in the town preparing to exterminate the rats, he meets Maggie and the two become very close, envisioning a future together.  But the longer the Piper takes to do his job, the angrier the townspeople become.

This retelling of the Pied Piper in graphic novel format was fine.  And I mean that in the most generic way possible for the word "fine".  The artwork is nicely done which I would expect for a graphic novel but the storytelling didn't do anything for me.  In particular, there were a couple of times where I was thumbing back through the pages to see what I had missed that resulted in us being at this point in the story.  I'm not sure what happened toward the end that left Maggie saying she thought she knew the Piper but now didn't know.  Yes, the people in town were angry with him after being stirred up by the previous rat catcher, but she didn't much care for the other people in town anyway...  At any rate, I wasn't taken with this version nor the elements added to try to explain any holes in the original story. 

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