Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Pride by Ibi Zoboi

Zuri and her younger sisters have placed bets on who will be moving into the newly renovated house across the street in their Brooklyn neighborhood.  With all the lavish updates they've seen, a couple of the sisters were betting that a white family was moving in so they are all surprised to see a black family - with two gorgeous boys - arrive.  The older of the two boys immediately hits it off with Janae, Zuri's older sister who has just come home from college.  The younger neighbor, Darius, annoys Zuri right off the bat with his arrogant attitude.  She much prefers cute and flirtatious Warren who gets her and the pride she has in her neighborhood. And when Darius makes it clear he has an issue with Warren, well that just gives her even more reason to like him.  Despite their mutual dislike, Zuri and Darius seem to keep being thrown together and they slowly learn that first impressions aren't always reliable.

This book takes its general storyline from Pride & Prejudice but of course brings a contemporary mindset and some other plot points of its own.  I'm a huge P & P fan so I'm not sure if that helped or hindered my enjoyment of the book.  On one hand, it was disconcerting when I felt like some of my favorite parts of the original weren't included in this version.  And I couldn't always relax entirely into this book because I was comparing and contrasting while reading.  But on the other hand, it was delightful to see the way in which Zoboi took beloved characters and updated them for this setting.  In particular, Mr. Collins jumps to mind.  And of course I felt so clever when I could see that Warren was Wickham and was on the lookout for how he was going to end up being a jerk.  (Not that I am any more clever than any other Pride & Prejudice reader, but my brain was congratulating me for being so smart.)  In the end, I feel like this might be best enjoyed by someone who is coming to the story for the first time.  The story line is timeless and wonderful and Zoboi does a great job of making it ring for teens.

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