Thursday, October 18, 2018

Nightbooks by J.A. White

Alex is on his way to the incinerator when he is lured into and imprisoned in a witch's apartment.  Natacha plans a horrible fate for Alex but another captive tells him that the witch loves stories.  As it happens, Alex has his "nightbooks" - journals in which he he writes scary stories.  Day by day he buys himself a little more time while he searches for an escape.

There are parts of this book I liked a lot but overall it was just an average read for me.  I liked Alex's stories and his creativity and I cringed when they were damaged.  I was equally absorbed and terrified during the mishap in the greenhouse because I didn't see how they were possibly going to fix that situation and it just kept getting worse!  This will be a good horror story for my younger students because it is well-written but not too mature or overly scary.  For me, I can appreciate the book but it didn't draw me in entirely.

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