Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Sneaking Out by Chuck Vance

Luke and his roommate Oscar are sneaking out to meet up with two girls on the grounds of their boarding school.  Oscar is mostly looking to hook up with Kelsey but Luke actually likes Pippa who has just arrived from England.  While the four are hanging out in the woods they hear someone coming and then hear the headmaster's wife arguing with someone.  They all make it back to their dorms without getting caught but the next morning they learn that the headmaster's wife was murdered during the night right next to their rendezvous spot.  Before long, Oscar is the prime suspect in her murder even though Luke is finding that there are plenty of other people who have the motive and the background to have killed her.

I was kept guessing about the killer's identity throughout this book although I did have my suspicions about the actual murderer fairly early on.  However, so many people were set up as such good suspects that I couldn't be sure of any of them!  And with Luke just as confused as I was, I couldn't rely on any of his investigating.  I enjoyed his buddy relationship with Oscar a lot and eventually came around on Pippa although she was quite a cold fish at first.  And it's clear she is still hiding some important things from Luke (this mystery is the beginning of a series) so she might still be part of some other crimes.  This is a well-crafted mystery with so many great characters that I just had fun the entire time.

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