Tuesday, November 6, 2018

How We Roll by Natasha Friend

Quinn's family has just moved to a new town which might actually work out well for her.  She developed alopecia which caused her to lose all her hair.  Rather than being supportive, her friends abandoned her.  Now she can start school with a wig on and no one will know her any other way.  She is quickly adopted by a group of girls  but she starts off on the wrong foot with Jake who is confined to a wheelchair after an accident and is still dealing with his bitter feelings.  Slowly the two of them form a friendship and possibly more as they each deal with their own losses.

I am just charmed by this book and by the characters.  Quinn does not begin the story confidently but she grows into that confidence by the end of the book.  There are plenty of books that could say the same but in this case I think a big part of it is because she has such a great support network with her wonderful friends.  It is SO rare to see a group of girls portrayed as helpful and supportive but Friend has taken the time to make each of them unique with their own foibles which also just being great people.  I'm tearing up just thinking about how great they were with Quinn both as a new girl in school and just as supportive friends in general.  There are lots of heartwarming sections of the book but that's obviously the part that really got to me.  However, let me also take a moment to talk about the romance storyline and how entirely realistic it is for a middle school dating situation.  I love that they are basically just friends but they are starting to feel something more in that young person way.  Just so good all around!

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